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On an afternoon when we didn't want to venture too far but wanted to do something outdoors, we piled the bikes into the back of the car and headed for Abernethy forest.

Here there are three short tracks around the forest with the longest track being just 4 miles. The tracks are not specifically for cyclists so please remember to be polite to walkers and slow down to a walking pace as you pass them.

Also, the tracks seem to be fairly wet. The day we were there was not wet but some parts of the track were still boggy and muddy……so don't go kitted out in your finest gear as you'll only come back mud splattered.


Abernethy Forest
The tracks are ideal for taking older children as well as teenagers and adults. We would only recommend taking children over the age of 10 years who are fairly competent on a bike as the tracks round the forest can be tricky. In parts, the tracks are muddy and the tree roots can be slippy in wet weather.
Abernethy Forest

OS Map (Landranger) No. 36 - Click here to buy this map - Grid Ref. 954190

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Near Boat of Garten there is a small car park at the edge of Abernethy forest.he cycle tracks can be undertaken either clockwise or anti-clockwise from the car park but by taking the path to the right (anticlockwise), this leaves a nice long fast run back to the carpark along a track running parallel to the roadside.


The Routes

  • Blue Route is approximately 2.5 miles long
  • Red Route is, at 4 miles, the longest track of the three
  • Yellow Route is simply an alternative track for the Red Route.

Take a right from the car park and travel along the track until you come to a junction - to the left is the Blue Route and to the right is the track for the Red route.

The Blue track travels round towards the north until you reach the road.

The Red Route follows a southerly direction. Follow the signs along the route and you'll travel alongside Loch Mallachie. At the end of Loch Mallachie, you have the option of taking a right or a left - to the right is the Yellow Route and to the left you will continue along the Red Route. There is really not much between the routes and the two tracks join again further along, so the choice is yours.

From here you will meet up with the Blue Route. The track heads north towards the road then veers left/west. Upon reaching the road, you can cycle back to the car park along the specially constructed path running parallel to the road.

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