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Glenmore, near Aviemore, Speyside
These fantastic trails give you the option of a quick trail cycle or the extension on to the Sluggan Trail or for a hard challenge round the Canadian trail:

  • Badaguish Trail (6km)
  • Sluggan Trail (extension of 3km to trail)
  • Canadian Trail (extension of Sluggan Trail of 2 km)

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Starting grid ref 976098 (Glenmore shop) - Click here for a scalable map

For all these trails, park at either Glemore or Loch Morlich car parks. At the end it will involve cycling along the road back to the car.

Cycling in all weathers and seasons

All Trails start:

  • Take the road/trail from opposite the shop in Glenmore
  • The trail climbs north gently through the forest before levelling out through some pinewoods.
  • At the Badaguish Outdoor Centre the trail becomes a crossroad where you have a couple of options:

For Badaguish Trail (6km)

  • Turn sharp left at the cross roads
  • Follow the trail and turn left again to return to Loch Morlich at grid ref 958097.

For Sluggan trail (total 9km)

  • Instead of turning left at the crossroads cycle straight on past the buildings
  • Take the next left hand fork leading you through open ground.
  • Head for the hill with the radio mast on top.
  • Follow the trail round and you will join up with the Badaguish trail and return to Loch Morlich at grid ref 958097

For Canadian Trail (total 11km) if you are feeling adventurous:

  • After Badaguish take a right turn rather then the left hand fork for the Sluggan Trail.
  • Follow the trail upwards, sometimes quite steeply for 1km.
  • The trail will turn left and drop down a fairly steep slope through the forest to rejoin the Sluggan Trail.
  • Continue along the trail and the trail will drop gently down to join the Badaguish trail going south back towards Loch Morlich.
Once you reach Loch Morlich, again there are more alternatives - rather than cycling along the road back to the car park, you can take a right at the road and first left for a trail over the Bailey Bridge and anti-clockwise round Loch Morlich ending up back at the start. This will add 6km to your route.

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