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Please note the following:

If participating in any sport or activity we always advise:

  1. You check with your doctor before commencing to ensure you are physically fit and healthy.
  2. You obtain professional instruction from a Fully Qualified Instructor in the relevant sport (i.e. holds the correct qualifications for the sport they are teaching). Professionally qualified instructors will be registered with the appropriate official body.

If you are injured we always advise:

  1. You immediately obtain advice from a Fully Qualified Professional (i.e. a fully qualified doctor or physiotherapist). Always ensure that the individual is qualified to deal with your particular injury .

Use of any of the information on ScottishSport.co.uk is at your own risk and we always advise

  1. You check all details provided on the site for yourself to ensure information provided is correct. We take no responsibility for incorrect or inaccurate information.
  2. Where ScottishSport.co.uk provides information or links through to third parties, we take no responsibility for the content, products or information provided.
  3. You ensure that you, and any other individual(s) accompanying you, are fully equipped, properly trained and capable of undertaking the activity in question.
  4. You should always use good judgement when undertaking or embarking on any sport or activity.


Under no circumstances can or will www.scottishsport.co.uk take responsibility for any events
that occur while participating in any sport or activity.

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