Playing the game

To play the game you should wear the following articles of clothing, both for etiquette and to protect the green:

Bowling shoes
hese are special flat soled shoes designed to be "kind" to our precious green.

Bowling shoes are not worn outside the club, but are kept for special wearing on the green. Likewise outdoor shoes are not allowed on the green as the heel of the shoe could damage the grass or the shoes could be contaminated with oil, chemicals etc which could harm the grass.

Protective clothing
Jumper, cardigan ( usually white ) and waterproof clothing to protect us from our famous Scottish weather.

4 bowls are required, they come in various sizes and weights to accommodate everyone .



Bowls and Jack

Official club games - players dress for the occasion normallywearing the club "uniform":

  • Blazer
  • Grey trousers / skirt
  • White shirt / blouse
  • Club tie / cravat
Many thanks to Will McA
of Cambuslang Bowling Club
for this article.

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