nah, I'd rather a nice cup of coffee....

Are you more of a "couch potato" than an "active" sport fanatic? You know all the reasons why you should do some, heart, fitness etc but the reality of making yourself head down to the gym or the football pitch after a long hard day at work is the last thing that you feel like doing... and that is putting it mildly. A nice hot cup of coffee in front of the television is much more appealing . . ..

But, seen as you know all the reasons for getting active I'll just get down to the reason why you are reading this - you need the motivation for fitness. Get yourself into a routine...sometimes you'll just have to make yourself go but be active and you will soon feel and see the difference!

But why is that the thought of exercise is sometimes so unappealing?
It is all in your head - yet there is that knowledge that you would feel better if you just went and did it. And it's true, you do feel better so just get out there and do some sport!

Make it fun

  • Do something you enjoy, be is Salsa dancing classes to friendly tennis matches.
  • Find someone with a similar mindset - Join a club
  • Recharge yourself in the afternoon -ensure that you have eaten enough to sustain you through the exercise.
  • Reward yourself with a little something afterwards
  • Keep a record of your sporting activities - it is good to look back on and see how much you have actually done. Include in that things like walking to the shops for the Sunday paper.

Remember if you are new to sport or trying to get back into it, then take it easy and don't expect too much of yourself too soon. Create variety - several sports.

If you are looking for a sport for fitness then why not just run?

It is inexpensive and, let's face it, everyone can run and that is the get from A to B and who cares if it is not in the most stylish fashion possible. Just make sure you have a decent pair of trainers (click here for help) and some warm, loose clothing and you are away.

Why Run?

  1. Good for health and fitness
  2. Anyone and everyone can run!
  3. Inexpensive sport - only cost is a good pair of shoes
  4. Best stress reduction routine around
  5. Good addition to a weight control programme
  6. You feel better and refreshed
  7. You can run at any level right up to competition level or just for fun

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