At heart I'm a humble guy, but it's my duty to teach you how to boast... It happens to us all at some point in a match, the opposition hits a great length and there's no alternative but to dig it out of the corner. The only sensible option to get the ball to the front wall is to play the boast. Do not fear; this need not be a complete disaster, leaving you wide open to any easy kill.

If played properly the boast can often turn into a good attacking shot and although you may not hit the nick every time, it should at least move your opponent across the full diagonal of the court.

A common error in the execution of the boast is the use of the wrist when playing the ball. The boast is essentially exactly the same shot as the drive, with a firm wrist. The secret to a consistent boast is feet positioning. The feet should be in a neutral position with the toes pointing to the back corner, the shot played from this stance will end close to the nick on the side wall in the front court. The other important aspect of the shot is where the ball is when struck. On the fore hand the contact with the ball should happen level with the front foot and on the backhand contact should occur in front of the front foot.

The pictures below show the correct postioning of the racket, feet and body as the shot is played. The upper photos show the starting position from three different perspectives. The bottom 3 photos display the equivalent positions at the point of contact. In each picture note how my toes are pointing towards the back corner and the shot if turned 45o anti-clockwise becomes a straight drive.

squash boast start position picture squash boast starting stance squash photo of the boast starting racket position
squash boast photo showing correct point of contact richard king squash coach shows boast contact point view from above showing boast point of contact with the ball

Many thanks to Richard King, a qualified squash coach.

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