Drumochter Hills

A'Bhuidheanach Bheag & Carn na Caim

Start Point: Park in the layby off the A9
Grid Reference: OS sheet 42 GR 639824
Time: 4 - 6 hours.
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After a torrid time in Torridon (I know... cheesey, but true none the less), we set off with high hopes that we might be spared another downpour. To be fair, it didn't actually rain heavily all the time, but suffice to say that there was a fair dod of moisture and a little more than a violently stiff breeze for the duration of our 6 hours in the hills. Staying with the same positive frame of mind, we enjoyed an invigorating and refreshing day.

Awndy and Dan striding it out
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Thankfully we were armed with full wet weather kit, so the experience only started to get uncomfortably soggy towards the end of the day. Our wet weather map management was also greatly enhanced having totally ruined a map the day before... at least we were learning something. The only consolation is that I have enjoyed the same conditions each time I've visited Drumochter... So, there are still 7 munros in the area that I can revisit to drink in new views at the top of each summit.

These hills should provide a reasonably easy days hillwalking with clear paths and gentle grassy slopes. As for wildlife there were flocks of grouse, numerous hares and a smattering of gortex clad diehards. These hills also offer a pleasant alternative to shopping at Bruar when returning southwards... or northwards, obviously depending on where you came from to start with...


  • Park in the layby off the A9 and head southwestwards along the twisting quarry road up the hill. (This road would be well suited to a mountain bike.)
  • From the end of the path the most straight forward route (particularly in misty weather) is to follow the fence posts southwards. After just under 3km you will reach the summit of A'Bhuidheanach (GR662776, 936m). In fine weather it's perfectly reasonable to take to the open hillsides and take a beeline directly to the summit.
  • From the summit of the first munro, retrace your footsteps and follow the fence northwards over the undulating peat hags until it turns back on itself sharply near the summit of Carn na Caim. From this point head NNW for ~400m to get to the summit of Carn na Caim (GR677822, 941m). Note: The OS map is incorrect in showing the fence leading all the way to the summit.

  • From the summit follow the fence SW back to the head of the path at GR662802 and then follow the path back to the car. Alternatively for the return leg, simply head west down the heather slopes.

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