Green Loch

Lochan Uaine - near Aviemore

Start Point: Off Ski road near reindeer centre
Grid Reference: OS Landranger map 36 - GR 992097
Time: 30 minutes and 1 hour
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A lovely stroll for a Sunday or Saturday afternoon when you want to stretch your legs but don't want to venture too far.

The far side of the loch
This walk takes you down to what is widely known as the Green Loch - for the obvious reason that the water in the loch is green. No-one seems to know the reason for this but it is possible that the colour comes from the trees lieing along the loch floor.... legend says that the water is green because the pixies used to wash their clothes in the loch.....believe which ever version you want!
Sunset over the loch


  • At Aviemore (click for map), take the ski road (from the south it's a right turn just after you reach Aviemore and from the north, drive through Aviemore and take the road to the left opposite La Taverna).

  • Drive along the road for approx. 7 miles past Loch Morlich on your right.

  • Drive through Glenmore and take the road to the left following signs for Glenmore Lodge (opposite the camping site).

  • Drive as far as you can along this road - you'll see cars parked along the track (grid ref: 992097 on OS Landranger map 36). Find a parking space and grab your walking stuff!

  • Follow the well marked track through the forest. A great relaxing walk which will bring you to the Green Loch and other areas beyond. Just follow the same path back to where you left your car.

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