Mount Keen

Glen Tanar

Start Point: Carpark beside Glen Tanar House
Grid Reference: OS sheet 44, GR475957
Time: 6 - 10 hours (less with a bike)
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Let's face it the only reason that people climb this hill is because it's a munro and the most easterly one at that. I too am guilty of this crime but what makes this walk worth it is the walk in along Glen Tanar. The steady stroll takes you alongside the Water of Tanar and the Forest of Glen Tanar both of which provide pleasant distraction for the long walk in.

The bridge of Water of Tanar

The new footbridge above (photograph courtesy of Aberdeenshire Council) replaces the original bridge that was washed away in the floods.
For the less patient out there, your mountain bike can prove to be an excellent bet. The incline is gentle enough to cycle most of the way up the hill and with a bit of extra effort you'll make it all the way to the top.......
Please note: a new foot bridge has been built across Water of Tanar to replace the original one that was washed away in a flood.


  • Leave from the carpark (Multimap) beside Glen Tanar House and follow the track SW along Glen Tanar passing through the Forest of Glen Tanar and Half Way Hut and continue until the junction of the track with Mounth Road at GR406896.
  • Continue south along Mounth Road crossing Water of Tanar at the foot bridge (see above) and proceed to GR403876. At this point the summit path bears south east leaving Mounth Road, and takes you directly to the summit of Mount Keen (939m, GR409879).
  • For the return journey either retrace your steps or head NE to the Cowie Burn which leads to the Mounth Road by an alternative route. From this point you just go back where you came from.
  • This hill can also be climbed from the south through Glen Mark leaving the car at GR444804.
Mount Keen in the distance from Glen Tanar
The old footbridge across Water of Tanar

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