Meall Glas and Sgiath Chuil

The Mamlorn Hills

Start Point: Auchessan
Grid Reference: OS Sheet 51 grid ref 447275
Time: 5 - 7 hours.
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We took these peaks daytripping from our base in the central belt. Having had a run of fantastic days walking in recent weeks we weren't expecting a spectacular days hillwalking given that Mr McNeish says "Both hills are unexceptional". However, the late April weather was very kind and set the scene for a quality day on the hill.

Although there's a vast boggy plain and the hills are rather grassy and rounded, the waterfalls along side the path provided ample distraction. We also encountered a lot of unexpected wildlife especially towards the summits. In particular there were loads of lizards about 3 inches long..... if anyone knows the real name I'll be happy to inform the masses, until then they will simply remain, wee lizards.

Awndy plods on to the summit of Meall Glas
Walking poles come in handy on this walk as it's a bit of a slog up to Sgiath Chull. It is quite possible that there is a less steep way up to the ridge but it's not obvious from the contours.


  • We approached these hills from the south, although they can be tackled just as easily from Lubcurrin to the North. There is no obvious place for parking, so you will see most cars parked just off the A85. (Click for scalable map).

  • From here follow the road through the farm for about 400m until you come to the burn, Allt Riobain.

  • From the burn there is an obvious track running alongside the water, and there are numerous waterfalls for most of the way. Once we reached the path at GR 452306 we foolishly took a beeline across the peat bog and then straight up the steep grassy slope to the 908m top..... the SMC Munro guide makes the easier suggestion of aiming for the col east of Meall Glas (Next time I'll read the book first!).

  • From the 908m top (gr 442323) it's a short walk to the summit of the first munro Meall Glas, 957m, GR 432322.

  • From the Meall Glas follow the ridge to the summit of Beinn Cheathaich then head east down to the col GR 455324.

  • From the col you are in for another 300m steep climb east up to the ridge for the second munro. Once on the ridge follow the tops south to get to the second munro Sgiath Chuil, 919m, GR 463318.

  • The route home is straight forward, head SW down the slopes to Allt Riobain then retrace your inward steps. You'll be able to enjoy the waterfalls again...... classic.

This might not be one of the classic hillwalks, but we had a good day and in the same way that friends who go fishing tell me it's not about catching fish, there is a lot more to a day on the hill than just walking up it.

Rob and Fiona at the summit of Sgiath Chuil
One of the many wee waterfalls

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